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November 26, 2006


Joel Burslem

Nice analysis! I agree most of these AVM tools aren't terribly useful for a serious dollar figure. And ranges seem to me to be a big cop out.

Great blog by the way. Looking forward to reading more, I've added it to my newsreader.

Tony Arko

Thanks for the feedback. Did you find similar results in your area of the country?


cool analysis....given the sites very value for my home between 700K-950K ill be sure not to use one of those sites....going thru a refinance now, ill just pray that the appraiser doesnt use one of these sites as well....who knows maybe they will pick a number in the middle

thanks for the blog ill be sure to add to my reader


Good to see another serious Blog in Northern Virginia. Thanks for the links to the Guide! Great start and look forward to more commentary. Too many agents start a Blog that is all about self promotion instead of real consumer information. They die a quick death. Bravo!

Merv at the Northern Virginia Real Estate Guide

Tony Arko

Merv, thanks for the feedback. Your site was one of the first to get me going and I refer a lot of people to your site. Your graphs and statistics are excellent.

David G from

Hi, Tony, it's David from Zillow. Sorry I never saw this post earlier.

Please note that Zillow has not been "named in a lawsuit".

If you send me the address of this house, I'd be glad to respond with my analysis.



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great post thanks a lot.

Warner Robins Real Estate

It is certainly hit and miss when consumers visit AVM sites looking for right pricing. It's always best to talk to the area expert...the local Realtor.

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