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December 27, 2006


Norm Fisher

Sounds like a heck of a mess! I suppose that NAR’s big mistake was handing over the operation of to a third party. While they claim that they maintain control, clearly Homestore and RealSelect need to deliver profits to shareholders and are therefore looking for creative ways to generate revenues. I agree, that appears to be happening at the expense of the REALTOR®. A quick Google search of and owner produces several “FSBO” companies which offer exposure on your national association’s website. That just seems wrong to me.

In Canada, the Canadian Real Estate Association has maintained ownership and control of its national website The venture is funded by REALTORS® and paid for through a technology levy of about $40 per year. Listings go from the local board to the national website and nowhere else. The agent is the point of contact.

My own website provider does provide a syndication service which, with my permission sends listings to GoogleBase, Point2Homes, Edgeio, and LiveDeal but again, all leads go directly to the listing agent with no interference from third parties.

Again, I think NAR took the wrong path when they decided that would not be paid for by the membership. Obviously, the website won’t run itself and is the funding doesn’t come from REALTORS® they have to be raised elsewhere and it’s terribly hard to find investors who aren’t seeking a return. :)

Of course, the big challenge in objecting to this misuse of your listings is that you’re presented as a dinosaur who wants to “limit the flow of information” to the consumer.

Hope you and your colleagues can figure it out.

Tony Arko


Thanks for the comment even though it has made me jealous of your system. Somehow we need to get control back of our leads because our association has let us down.

Terry Smith

We have had IDX for 3 years, when I signed up with a third party vendor(s), I was told it would be $30.00 a month charge, our particular board takes care of these fees and I have never been asked to pay the fee, just a one time fee to set up the IDX. I know it is different with each state, but a lot of times the communication between our board and MLS and third party vendors gets muddled, and it does need to be streamlined, the small fees all add up! It is happening...but wil take time.

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