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January 06, 2008


Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker

So you have "her" email addresses as entered in the "post a comment" field?

Do you know if it is real? Does it bounce? Have you googled it?

Since your blog says next to the Email Address area: "Not displayed with comment" I would consider that a part of your Privacy Policy, and therefore would not publish their email address without their consent. Seems counterintuitive, but just because they broke the rules on how a Realtor is to disclose who they are, you don't want to break your promise to your commenters.

Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker

Tony Arko

Hey Frank, I haven't sent an email to "her" yet. And I definitely won't divulge her email address. I googled the email address but didn't come up with anything. Maybe I'll wait and see if she contacts us or our "boss".


What's telling is the reference to your "boss." REALTORS are independent contractors. They have brokers, but not bosses. I'd expect a supposed long-time REALTOR® -- such as your correspondent Jane -- to know that. In 20 years, I've never heard a REALTOR® refer to his or her broker as "boss." Makes me wonder if Jane really is a REALTOR®....

Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker

Jane ain't no Realtor.

I bet it was posted there by Todd*.


*Disclaimer: That was a joke. Hopefully not a constitutional infraction. It was not meant to be regarded as a factual statement. However, it might be true, but I have no knowledge of the truth or lack there of, of truth (is that English?). End Disclaimer.


Why is everyone that defends him "Todd"? Could it be that more than Todd agrees with... Todd...?

Danilo Bogdanovic

You're right "Idiot"...even after Watergate, Nixon had a few advocates that weren't Nixon himself. nice of you to comment on our blog. It's too bad you won't allow comments on your own blog and that you hide behind an alias.


I don't allow comments on my blog because within minutes of posting it, the bloodthirsty bloodhound's were all over it. They won't allow my comments, so rather than go through deleting theirs, I turned off commenting all together. After all, that's what their site is mainly used for (useless comments), so I'll just let people continue to post there. Wouldn't want to cut into their traffic... or take away their first amendment rights.


Let's see, "Jane" has a problem with her property taxes,calls her assessor,blames it on the realtor...'s blog post.

Then the assessor calls a dual of swords(the pen) with the realtor and "Jane" finally admits that "oooh, (giggle) you boys just might be fightin' over me....the assessor is soooo cute, let's just all apologize and go home. All that other woman wants to do is just make money, she wont you boys just kiss and make up, uh, with me. And,... y'all stop worrying about that lil' Constitutional thing, ya here? It ain't polite to discuss that with a fine lady from Loudoun County! granny's mammy's prune juice tonic will fix y'all up just fine."

Sounds like Dudley Doright's Mel--o'drama Jane to me!



I am squarely on your side with respect to the government tax collector hack. He apparently has not outgrown the "I'm going to tell your mommy" approach to getting what he wants in a relationship.

A bit off topic, but given the title of your post -- what is it with the all caps and TM registration symbol for REALTOR(R)? I can't be the first person to bring this up, but, um, well, you don't see this with other jobs or "professions" (if someone is a true professional, they don't have to use all caps and circle R to try and get me to believe it).

Just think if this sillyness catches on, we will have have FIREMEN(R), TEACHERS(R), LAWYERS(R), ACCOUNTANTS(R), GARDINERS(R), WAITERS(R), BUREAUCRATS(R) (TAX ASSESSORS(R)), HOTEL DESK CLERKS(R), BURGER FLIPPERS(R), LOCKER ROOM ATTENDANTS(R), and so forth. Where dose it stop? It would make for better Stark Trek quotes, though: "Jim, I'm DOCTOR(R), not a PLUMBER(R)".

If it was terribly difficult to become a REALTOR(R), I suppoe ..., but if ASTRONAUTS(R) and NAVY SEALS(R) don't feel the need to refer to themselves in the third person, using all caps with a trademark registration symbol, why do some real estate agents?

I do not mean to be hostile or anti-REALTOR(R). I really do wonder why you guys (and gals) do this??

Thanks for allowing my comment.

Danilo Bogdanovic

Smithers - Of course we would allow your comment! We allow all comments as long as they don't include vulgarity, racist remarks, personal threats/ get my point.

As for the REALTOR® thing, I agree with you completely. I wish we could get away from writing it that way because it comes across very cocky and pompous, among other things. But as a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, I have to write it that way because they require it. Until that rule changes, all REALTORS® have to continue writing it that way.

I wish that you and everyone else that felt the same way would share their feeling with NAR as you did with me. Then maybe...just maybe...they'd think about changing that.

Thanks for the comment!

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