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April 02, 2008



Unbelievable!! They lowered our assessments, made up for that loss in the tax base + a little extra by raising the rates.

As soon as I am able I believe I will be finished with Loudoun County and on my way.

PS We spend more per capita on education than any country in the world last I heard and we rank way down the list of most educated i.e. money has nothing to do with this problem!


Thanks for the info. Appreciate your work.


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I think that saying the kids of the future will be uneducated and ruin the future is so not true. I think with all the technology and advances, kids already know more now that we did when we were that age. Plus educating your kids also has a lot to do with their parents.


I don’t think Loudoun county understands day to life and working class 19% is just totally out of line
It seam not logic to it, I feel official making decision about of this county is living on anther planate .
Are they raising every one 19% pay
This 4 time raised tax on inflation ..
This feel like 3rd world kind taxes raised
It seam we are hapless you can’t do about it


think this is too much. poor guys..let us hope they will lower the taxes.

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Why did they do this. Some people really killed the economy. Many things have changed in a negative direction.

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