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July 30, 2009


Marge Geneverra


You stopped supporting a local paper with your ad business because the web was cheaper - the paper dies - people lost their jobs - And your sympathetic comment is "Oh Well, Rest in peace."

Maybe when the big Internet real estate sites do the same to your business, someone will have more sympathy....

Tony Arko

Absolutely. I stopped overpaying for advertising from a medium that failed to return my investment. To continue to support them would have been stupid and I would have become the failure not them. But I was smart enough not to blindly continue throwing money away on an outdated resource.

They had a choice to change their format, cut costs, lower advertising costs(which we asked for but they refused) create an online following. I have no sympathy for them. In fact, most of the people could have moved over to the other local papers that are still in business. Imagine that.

While other local papers worked with the real estate professionals that were suffering when the market turned, the Easterner said tough luck. Good riddance.


Plus they were one of the unwanted tabloids that were tossed in my driveway like they were trash. These usually ended up, unread, in the recycle bin. I say good riddance as well. You did the smart thing, Tony. If businesses can't adjust, they need to go away.

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