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December 28, 2009


Still Looking

Thanks for the update Tony, I look forward to seeing some more data in your next post. I can honestly say as a prospective buyer in Loudoun that the there is not a whole lot that really interests us at the moment. The vast majority of non-forclosure/short-sale homes that we look at still seem WAY overpriced for what they are, and we really don't feel like having to play the short-sale waiting game at the moment.

For now we will just keep "browsing" the market and enjoy saving quite a bit of money each month as we rent fairly cheaply at the moment. I am actually very curious to see what will happen after the 'latest' home buyer tax credit expires in June...I just don't see the fundamentals in place for prices to firm up at all once that 'subsidy' expires.

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Deirdre G

Poplar Bluff Real Estate

Where can I find the real estate statistics for the last 3 years? Like, how has it been (up/down), what's the going price in a certain area for a certain kind of estate.... Or, is there some website where you enter info about an estate and it generates the going price.

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