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February 08, 2010


Paul Salamanca

I agree with You....I have used www.SkipBrokers.com to find all of my no fee apartments in NYC for the past 5 years...No fee apartments....

House Plans

I think some adjustments are needed to boost up sales and I hope that it works.

Philippines properties for sale

I am definitely agree with you 'house plans' that there are some adjustment needed like changing your sale strategy..

We Buy Houses

I totally agree, there is probably something wrong with your sales strategy that is why sales are going down instead of going up like expected in most real estate firms. You probably need to evaluate your current status and the way your sell property maybe, just maybe that is were your fault lies.

Karl Bennion

I just saw some great information on Utah Real Estate and the urgency to take advantage of the Tax Credits now available but it applies everywhere. The website was http://www.slcbuyerinfo.com. It made me realize what a unique time we are in for purchasing real estate right now and making a killing in profit down the road.

association management software

I have a friend in which I recommended this post to read. I saw the concern on his face when he finished reading the post and believe me its an expression I can never forget. Thanks for this informative post.

Buyers Advocates

Banks have always been controlling these but at the moment they are too much.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Riverside

As a bankruptcy lawyer I have dealt with a lot of clients that are facing foreclosure. One of the biggest items that they always mention is that they have faxed or sent in the information requested only to be denied a loan modification because the mortgage company claims they did not receive the document. I would not be surprised if these documents were purposely being deleted.

Chuck Derouen

True, with a little adjustment in selling strategy you may be able to turn it into a sellers market. I think that the more buyers realize how much money they can save and how much they'll be able to put back into the property and make it the way they want it, the easier it will be to make the sale.


study and strategies again. look at it in the bigger side. it wont fail or go down if there's nothing wrong. maybe there is a need of adjustments

Skagit county property

I have a mate in which I recommended this post to read. I saw the concern on his face when they done reading the post and think me its an expression I can always keep in mind. Thanks for this informative post.

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