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December 19, 2006



Thanks for thinking of us, Tony & Danilo.

You can see our "5 things" here:
and here

Kevin Boer

Hi, thanks for tagging me...I think. :)

Could you post the chain of bloggers that led from Mary McKnight to you?

Danilo Bogdanovic


Absolutely! And thanks for keeping it going.


You're welcome...we think. lol

Here's how it got to us with the most recent going backwards:

- Ola at
- Maureen at
- Mary McKnight at (she started the MEME)


Wow, this meme thing really is a social virus. I have to give credit where credit is due- Paul Chaney of Blogging Systems started this whole thing in our industry and out of I came up with the swap idea. Blogging is all about connecting- connecting with other bloggers and forming an authority group and connecting with consumers. The meme really gave bloggers a reason to network with each other and gave consumers a glimpse into each bloggers personal life, further engaging them in the whole blog.

Danilo Bogdanovic

Yes, it is! But it's a good one! Thank you to Paul and yourself for getting it going. It's definitely helped bring a lot of people together.

Though it seems that consumers are still a bit hesitant to comment and/or haven't come across many blogs, I hope that will change in the near future. I value everyone's opinions and comments, especially consumers.

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