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March 10, 2007



The agents are not the problem, you are the problem for not thinking outside of the box. Your job is to solve problems not to blame your inability to solve your clients issues. I bed you didn't think to call to see what a $ 3000.00 line of credit would cost your client. Lets say at 8.5 interest only she would be paying $ 21.25 per month. If it took you six months to sell her home thats $ 127.50. You could have offered to pay that cost at the close of escrow. The listing agent told you how to do the deal. You blew the deal for $ 27.50 per month. No costs to do the loan, no pre-pays. No appriasal done other than desktop. "Fortunately, our market has showed signs of firming up so I think we can get another contract fairly soon if this doesn't work out". Guess what the real estate industry is in deep trouble,the market is going to become worst, before it get better. Its time that every deal presented must be completed. In other words, every deal is a present. You get paid to think as a real estate agent. Stop blaming other people for your shortsightness. It appears you take pride in no one challenaging you your opinion. Guess what the free ride is over. Sooner than later you will began to face up with agents that know what they are doing. The day of the fair weather agent is over. Real estate agents need to be realists, problem solver not finger pointers.

Danilo Bogdanovic


So what you're saying is to heck with looking out for your client's best interests and negotiating for them, just make the deal happen so you can get paid even if it's at the expense of your client?

So you're saying that the agent should just focus on getting their commission and move on?

And you're suggesting that the agent should not listen to or care when their client clearly states that they can't come up with more money nor wants a line of credit and does not want to accept the offer?

Do you get bent over by every buyer's agent who "tells you how to do the deal" and let them tell you what to do in their, not your client's best interest? That's like expecting your defense attorney to listen to the prosecuting attorney when it comes to how to defend you. Are you kidding me? That's the most stupid thing I've heard in a long time.

Have some balls, go to bat for your clients and do your job. Live up to your fiduciary responsibility and ethical duty and look out for your clients and not your own personal pocketbook.

Agents and lenders like you are the ones that will soon be facing the same consequences for their actions as the predatory, shady and completely selfish lenders all over today's headlines. You'll be in the same position as those lenders while we continue to sell 100+ homes per year and keep getting referrals from past and present clients almost weekly.

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