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April 18, 2007


Teresa Boardman

I went to the presentation given by Glenn. For one thing MAR sent an email to it's members asking us to consider quiting, Chris sent the memo and it raised some eye brows coming from our own trade association and all. They have a point about there being too many agents especially in my own market here in St.Paul but pretty much every thing works on the principles of supply and demand. I would suggest that there is a demand for new business models and that our survival depends upon our ability to think outside the 6 and 7% box. Anyone can list a home these days it isn't as big of a deal as it was five years ago. We need to keep up with the times and compete instead of clinging to obsolete business models.

Danilo Bogdanovic

Very well said Teresa and thanks for the comment. It seems to be a battle of consumers and agents versus brokerage firms and their business models. Brokerage firms make their money off of quantity due to desk fees, etc. But they don't focus on quality. (I actually wrote a post on the topic a few weeks back because I don't think many consumers nor agents realize this)

Seems like everyone is waiting to see what the everyone else does first before jumping in. Hopefully, someone will lead the way soon.

Dave Lopez

Sounds like the Darwin theory: survival of the fittest and evolution of new business models. For sure there is the smell of change in the air, a good wake up call for many. Who moved my cheese?


well said. so do the right thing and think of the best way to be on the lead..

socorro sultan

yeah right, if someone in this business is not productive then he will be totally out. and to those who are blessed stays longer. it is a matter of right techniques and selling assets.

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