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September 01, 2007


Ben Martin

Wow, the only person to ever say so many nice things about me is my mother! I really appreciate your feedback, and it's good to know my approach to this is resonating with you and others. Click on my name to see a beta of a VAR Convention & Expo blog: I'd appreciate your input (and participation). Look out for a VAR LinkedIn group just as soon as they begin taking new groups again, and finally, the VAR facebook group is in need of a few more early adopters. Thanks for making me feel welcome in the REALTOR family!

Danilo Bogdanovic

Ben - Your approach does work so keep on taking it. Cool blog btw. Short on time to really get it off the ground for this one, but there's plenty of time before next year's convention. I'll take a peek at Facebook and keep an eye out for the LinkedIn group.

Thanks again and see you in Williamsburg.

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