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September 20, 2007


David G from

Hi Tony,

As previously mentioned here, Compete's data for Zillow is not accurate. 4,4M users visited Zillow in August.

Tony Arko

I was waiting for that David. But I figure, if it is wrong for you, it is wrong for Trulia, too. Which site would you like me to use for comparisons?

David G from

Hey Tony,

I can't speak for Trulia's numbers. Unfortunately only measured traffic is accurate. Most companies report on their internal measurements - no doubt that's partially to correct perceptions created by the likes of Alexa and Compete. I totally understand that a relative measure could be good enough for analysis purposes. My concern about Compete is they don't show the 17% growth we've measured y-o-y - which makes me think there's a problem with more than just the volume of their numbers.

Tony Arko

David, I am sure that your internal numbers are more accurate than compete's. Unfortunately, we outsiders have nothing else to go on. And I am sure that your investors had more accurate information to go on when they made the $30 Million commitment to zillow. I just hope you guys can come up with something stronger than the "zestimate" for $30,000,000. Something that homeowners and real estate professionals can actually use with some degree of confidence.

Pete Flint from

We agree that's numbers are not accurate, but the trends/growth rates are fairly similar with what we see from our internal numbers. There is often a large (but somewhat consistent) deviation from our internal numbers. The same cannot be said for Alexa whose data does not correlate with our internal data.

It is worth noting that compete's traffic is US only, but internal numbers include everything, which may explain some of the deviations.

We find these services fairly useful for a quick check on relative traffic performance. Hence directionally they are useful, but you don't run your business from them...

For another angle on traffic trends, announced some data this week showing the downstream visitors that we send to real estate franchise and brokerage sites. For a broad selection of partners we now drive on average 11% of their inbound visitors and alongside google and yahoo as a top traffic referrer.

That's a very meaningful % for our advertisers and Industry partners and it's growing!

Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker

Congratulations for getting somebody from both Trulia and Zillow to comment on your post.

As for the Page Per Visitor, I don't like that metric. Those numbers can sometimes be way off if a progressive site uses Ajax or just plan ole good design to reduce the number of clicks to deliver the same information for the consumer.

I know is very "NEXT" Next Next. I don't think you can show 100 results at a time, only 10. Why? Maybe in part to keep the pages per visitor number artificially high and to show more ads.

Frank- Broker


I consider Zillow to be a very good Internet project. They help realtors and FSBO seller and buyers not only to search but to compare and so on…

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