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November 11, 2007


Jeremy Hart

Good reminder ...

Noel Freedman

I retired a year ago after selling homes for 43 years. It is matter of fact that the real estate housing market runs on the sale of contingencies. Every listed Seller is going one rung up or down on the housing ladder. In this down market, where equity has shrunk below the resale costs to bail out, Sellers are stuck to roost on their rungs. The only way off is through foreclosure. I smell it will take years to grow out of this mess. And least we forget,the intent of the computer (according to Bill Gates) is too eliminate the middle man/woman. Well, folks, that's us.

Steve Ramirez

I am also a strong believer that as Realtors we need to work even harder to assist distressed sellers. The shift in the real estate economy and the adjustable rate mortgages have had a tremendous in our local economies. Be persistent and don't give up in the entrepreneurial journey.


With foreclosures on the rise, the agents are reaching out to lenders and banks to get on their "approved list" in order to sell their foreclosure listings. Foreclosures are going to be a key part of every successful agent's business strategy over the next few years.


Nice Article but successful agent always hit the market when seems the home prices going to low and they purchase for future profit .

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socorro sultan

good post. this makes sense or maybe uplift someone's morale.

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