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November 12, 2007


Christina Ethridge

Tony - This is probably one of THE best posts I have ever read. I'm in the middle of tracking various things myself and now I fully plan to integrate a couple of things you and Danilo have done. Some of your experience simply proved what you suspected. Others surprised you. That is excellent. Thank you for sharing. I in turn will do the same thing in the Spring of next year.

Tony Arko

Christina, I am glad you found the post informative. We look forward to your analysis next year. Let us know if you are working with any good companies in the meantime.


Your trial and error in blogging and on the Web provides great insight into what works and what doesn't. Great post!


Lead aggregation and lead generation models have, in the opinion of, been a dead model for some time. Brokerage firms have adopted Internet business models that are merely extensions of their bricks-and-mortar models operating in static markets. We should be developing market-management models that can compete for new money in open markets beyond the confines of our secluded, defined and controlled local markets. Our websites are nothing more than necessary evils, rather than true consumer-centric business models designed to operate effectively in the "New Real Estate Economy." Brokers should be looking at open market models such as and which now work in tandem to expand an owners brand and influence across broad horizontal markets. The reason leads are not generated is because the new mandate from the consumer is transparency and information access about all things real estate. The "Non-Brokers" such as Trulia, Zillow, Housevalues, etc., are designed with the same fundamental flaw; our insatiable appetite for "leads" instead of "conversations" and this is why they fail most of the time. Too much of our industry still adheres to the old line selling model that existing from 1950-1994 (the year of the Internet for real estate). When are we going to start understanding that our model is counter-grained to what the consumer wants and begin to create the new streamlined, highly effective conversational models that can actually produce better sustained ROI than our current retail-labor model? REALonomics

Estate Agents Finder

I have been looking itno this card whenevr dealingwith a newagent. I find that it really helps to see what these agenat have been upto


this blog of yours really help. people will know what are the dos and don't in this kind of 'business'

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