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December 30, 2007


Greg Swann

Three cheers for your broker! I'm impressed.

Jay Thompson

Mr. Kaufman said: "His approach is unprofessional, negative, and adversarial."

Wow, there is the pot calling the kettle black!

I am very impressed that the Broker here is standing behind their agent! The responses by e-mail are great. I am curious… is the Tax Assessor authorized to make these threats and demands on behalf of the county. I would think a well ran local government would only allow the county attorney's office to handle such issues. Can you say "deformation of character" and harassment? Still, as I’ve said on another blog, it’s awfully childish to go tattle-tale. I’ve been surprised by Professional Standards decisions before, but I can’t imagine that this would be a founded complaint or even make it past Grievance panel.

Thomas Johnson

Danilo is not alone in finding corruption and greed in the property appraisal process. Here’s a taste of another jack booted appraiser, Tylene Gamble, Chief Appraiser of Wharton County, Texas. She sued taxpayers after her own appeals board sided with the citizens. The case is still in litgation. Read all about it at

Tom Johnson

Scottsdale real estate

Perfect example of hypocrisy, guess I shouldn't really be surprised.

Steve Belt

I too am impressed with your broker. It's certainly refreshing to see a broker that is willing to stand behind their agent this way. I suppose calling the broker a liar helped cement this broker's position.

I would caution you to continue to be very careful and factual, particularly with regard to this subject matter. I'd also make sure you have all of you ducks in a row regarding anything on your blog that may be considered a violation for any reason. For someone with enough free time, and the desire, they could make your life very unpleasant, even though you've done nothing wrong. Sitting in an ethics review wouldn't be something I'd want to do at all...even if I knew it was frivoulous. But for goodness careful and don't give them any real ammo.


This is actually great evidence of the failure of local governments to embrace or understand online social media "2.0".

Laurie Manny

I love that your Broker is supporting your right to free speech. The assessor certainly could use a few lessons in comporting himself publicly. Your Broker politely asked him to "provide the exact Article of the Code of Ethics and
Professional Standards", which the assessor feels you have violated, he did not. Perhaps he cannot? Perhaps he is guilty of exactly what he is accusing you?

On Dec 23, the NY Times published an article which you might like to read regarding tax reassessments in various places around the country.

Perhaps your County Assessor should read it as well.

Loudoun resident

Keep fighting this disaster of an assessor! What a hard ass bully boy. This clown gets to make such crackpot threats whenever he feels threatened? And throw around referrences to the county attorney? This is not about the First Ammendment only. This is about abuse of power. ABUSE OF POWER. Keep fighting! This clown is not worth your good faith, grown-up efforts to resolve this. Life in junior high must have been tough for ol' Todd. One by one, recent new residents to this county are losing faith in its leaders. Todd is at the top of the list. Or the bottom, I guess. Loser.

Kenny Alex

It's a lot misundertand because the Professional Standards decisions before with the complaints after.

Donna Crouse

I remain interested in the initial complaint and complaintants, who are the people who brought this to Bogdanovic's attention. It is plausible that property owners, not just in Loundoun County but in other counties across the country at this time are not being properly assessed as to their property values and do have the right to request their properties re-evaluated! This too, is a granted right within the First Amendment of the Constitution that Mr. Kaufman admits he is so knowledgable of. So while he is so concerned and offended by what Bogdanovic presented, has he addressed the grievances of the property owners who have complained to the COUNTY ASSESSOR within his own jurisdiction? Or is he too busy trying to pass the bureaucratic buck and re-focus attention onto a blogger who just openned more insight to the plight of these same property owners?

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very good. keep standing still brokers. go for what is right, and to those greedy, they must disappear and hide.

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