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December 05, 2007


Ben Roberts

The whole mortgage rate Freeze is great. But it doesn't help the people who fight every month to make a payment and then can't. When I bought my House in 05 i was paying 525 then 6 months later it went to 575.00 then it jumped in november and now again to almost 700.00 a month. I can't afford the rate to keep jumping and yea I have fell behind on my payments due to this. When is there going to be help for people who have already fallen behind and fight to catch back up. The rate freeze elegability one thing is you can't be late on a payment. This helps No ONE! We have nut jobs in goverment who actually think this will work for a lot of people get real and wake up the people in trouble are the ones who have already fallen behind and fight every month to make that rising mortgage payment.


The mortgage interest rate-freeze is just a temporary relief. When the period gets expired then the later situation will be worst than the previous one.


It is very glad to hear about the freeze interest rates, but this will help only for two or three years, After that the intrest rates will increase to such an extent that the borrower cannot afford it and which results in foreclosure.


how is it today? are there already long term solutions?

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