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March 05, 2008



An agent showed our TH to his clients this week. His picture is on his card and, I swear, he looks just like Doogie Howser.

Brevard County FL Real Estate

I agree the newest homeowners are tech savy people. Most research the market before proceeding with any purchase. They are connected and always looking for value and input. They are a different clientele and the market needs to be aware of this. They still want that realtor but for that final choice and input on local current market values and what they feel is a good value and what to look for good and bad. So for a time being many realtors wear two hats the old way of open houses and meeting with clients to explain the process in detail and the other hat with the tech savy buyers ready to buy with great questions that make you go hmmm....

socorro sultan

why does is has to have a gap? do agents doesn't like to be in? who wants to have an old type of houses anyway?

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