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May 27, 2009


Matt Morgan

Your view is really informative….
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Tony - I'm glad to see you getting the word out about your expertise in short sales. There are so many people that need professional help to sell there home short and so few agents with the experience you have, who can offer real assistance.

real estate finance

Brilliant update you!!! I liked the way you have presented various things togther in a beautiful manner.

Mortgage Leads

We must know that Every business owner share same goal in their mind: to increase their sales. That is why,for me i agree and everyone else here getting poetetial leads for your business is very important. The right thing to do is Identifying qualified clients or customers who want whatever a business have to offer is what businessmen need to do.

Plus Size Costume

Nice proposal . This is a good news too for everyone. The sale will be more energy-efficient.

Christine Loschiavo

Tony, great points. This list really hits the highpoints for buyers AND Realtors.

Chicago Real Estate

Short sales are going to become more and more common place in this market and the vast majority (even those with a designation claiming expertise) have no idea how to approach one with any chance of success let alone timely success. Short sales offer hard working, well organized agents a glimmer of hope! Though, I haven't found a lot of banks willing to give 6%, 5% is still not bad.

Sunny Isles Beach House

Real Estate Professionals will benefit greatly by building their business in 2010… I appreciate this post. Thanks

Mortgage Leads

This is a very old post, but I just wanted to let you know that this is very informative. Short sales are necessary for sure and are becoming more and more common in the market. Anyway good job.


very precise post and ideas. this must tell us both sellers, buyers, agents that we must chose only the qualified ones. short sales nowadays are doing steady..

socorro sultan

love to read it all over..

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